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The Zdarmanet network

What is Zdarmanet

A shared address book system where members lists of contacts set up a global people network that helps you keep in touch with old friends.

Each Zdarmanet member owns a page made up of a personal profile but also of a list of contacts with friends and of a chat room. Everyone has a few contacts so the result is a complex network of friends that you can browse as you want. The curiosity is sometimes rewarded with the discovery of an old friend who suscribed thanks to someone else.

Theoretical background

Several mathematic and sociologic studies show that the world's population is in fact a so called small world. It means that two randomly chosen persons in the world are connected by a chain of at most 6 acquaintances.

If you are interested in this theory, you can visit some of these sites:


22-03-2012: After 9 years of operations without touching the code and server, the code had to be fixed because newly php considers goto as a reserved function. Replaced with some other function name. Now you all know Facebook. I will operate Zdarmanet just for fun to show that great ideas exist but sometimes they come earlier than the right time.