Lebu has never abandoned games with strings.

They met in the kitchen, searching for some goodies.

Mistui is a 4 months old dog from the 4th floor.

Mistui and Hesolm met at the Hornstone Park.

Hesolm come from England. He is a private detective.

Big friends since they met at the stairs.
Kuivle saved the live of Mistui three times.

Retoa comes from Asia and loves TV.

Kuivle would like to return in the past when he was 3.

They own an international company.

Fybow used to live in Paris but is now in Africa.

Retoa saw Nende in a TV show. Than, they met by chance in Italy.
They used to love the same woman. And still do.
Fybow and Kulous worked togather on a research project.

Nende is a romatic lover from Austria.

Nende and Rambus are cousins.

Rambus has no time to explain you why he likes sport.

Rambus was the worst student of Kulous.

Kulous was a professor and has retired to Canada.

...and you?